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HEPAN Membership Information

The functions of HEPAN are encompassing in harnessing the activities of Home Economics in Nigeria to ensure that the discipline receive renewed attention from the Federal, State, and Local government such that individuals, families and communities feel the attraction and impact of Home Economics professional practice in the entire environment.
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Why join Us?

We bring Professionalism Home

The Association being a professional organization shall not discriminate against creed, colour, class, race or tribe. Membership shall comprise Professional individuals, Students, Associates, Life, Honorary and Overseas.


Membership allows members to interact professionally and share ideas, experiences etc and the synergy arising from these interactions could be immense and mutually beneficial – networking

It brings about sharing a wealth of professional knowledge including new trends/ dimension in the study and practice of Home Economics, through lectures, workshops, seminars, publications ext.

It offers prestige and distinction to members as well as gives respectability and special recognition amongst others.

It offers opportunity at individual and corporate/ group level to liaise with similar bodies from around the world. The benefits arising from the cross - fertilization of ideas, international visits, exchange programmes etc cannot be underestimated.

Finally, registration by and association with all the tiers of Government bring benefits such as government consulting the Association/ members in such areas that promote the discipline.